Hydrotherapy in Birmingham

    Hydrotherapy is an excellent means of accelerating the return to work, or sport following a period of immobilisation.

Can be effective in treating:

  • Back pain
  • Arthritis
  • Joint stiffness
  • Multiple joint problems
  • Post-operative weakness
  • Neurological weakness and muscle shortening

Advantages over land based physiotherapy:

  • Water provides a low-gravity, stress free environment in which to exercise. Treatment following fracture is hence started much earlier than on land.
  • Water assists movement, so even the weakest of muscles can be encouraged to work.
  • More than one joint can be treated at the same time which provides a comprehensive approach to arthritic and neurological management.
  • Return to sport and work is accelerated as exercise tolerance and general fitness is integrated into treatment regimes.
  • Balance re-education in the elderly is facilitated without fear of injury from falling.

Prevention rather than cure:

  • Conditions such as Osteoporosis benefit from hydrotherapy as an environment in which to exercise safely, strengthen bones and muscles hence reducing the likelihood of fractures.


  • Exercise programmes are individualised to promote continued exercise after treatment has finished. This maximises the benefits gained from treatment.

Water Confidence:

  • It is not necessary to be able to swim to gain the benefits of Hydrotherapy. 
  • The treatment is in a warm water pool (31-35 degrees) with your Hydrotherapist. Access is by steps, chair hoist or bed hoist, allowing all degrees of disability to enter/exit the pool.

Quality of Treatment:

  • All Hydrotherapists are Chartered State registered Physiotherapists with specialist training in the field of Hydrotherapy.